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The concept for my project was inspired by Corita Kent, going to her exhibit and looking at her art work a couple of things caught my eye. It was the colors that she used and how some of the quotes she had were meaningful. Also I liked her work from the 1960 and I especially like the Circus Alphabet. So I took all these things and incorporated  them in my project. So I took letters like she did on the Circus Alphabet and I put pictures and quotes on them and the letters would spell out a word. The words that I choose were love, peace,and war. The reason why I choose these work was because some of Kent’s work reminded me of the 1960s hippie era and Woodstock. Also to stick  with that theme I used bright colors to make it standout and I notice while making this some of the color combinations reminded me of Kent’s work as well. And tie everything together and to make it a little more hippie-ish I cut the fabric on the bottom into fringes. This is how the final project came out in the next couple of post:

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Someday is now: The Art of Corita Kent Exhibition

While visiting the Pasadena Museum of California Art, to see the exhibition of Someday is now: The Art of Corita Kent, I was awe to see how she expressions her opinions and feelings through her art. Her work has a mixture of activism, faith and teaching with messages in them about racism, poverty, war, and religion. She experimented in printmaking and she would combine her work with faith using vibrant pop –inspired prints. In her work you will see a mixture of bright colors, pop art and bold imagery. Some of her collections had themes to them, for example she would street signs, scripture, poetry, philosophy, advertising and song lyrics. Good example of these is her International signal code and the circus alphabet. These two works of art is Cortita’s most stylish and witty work, this concept of alphabets embodies the apotheosis of her creativity, refining the written word into a component of essences, also the calligraphy conveys how even individual letters can gesture and construct intricate and imaginary meanings. These two pieces of work are my favorite cause I like how she uses old Victorian advertisement and circus acts in these works and for the international code she used geometrical compositions of sailing flags that she saw in the Boston Harbor. I also like how she uses color in these works, for the circus alphabet, she uses vibrant neon colors that catches your attention, when I walked in the museum this was the first thing that caught my eye. For the international code she used a color combination of red, blue, white and black that ties this whole collection together. Her artwork did inspire me to come up with an idea for my final project. Corita sometimes puts two concepts together to make one piece of art, so I am doing the same as well, I am using two of my favorite concepts that she uses in her art work which is using letters and inspirational quotes and tying these two together to create a meaning of love and peace.